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Nowadays many couples face a problem of oocyte or sperm incapacity. The only possibility to make their dream of family come true is to use donor biomaterial. Modern medicine made this method available and effective.

Every participant of our donation program helps to make dreams come true. Together we can make it possible.

60000 rubles

You get for donation of 5-25 oocytes


high quality doctors in our clinic


Safety of donation procedure


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How to become a donor


Fill out an application on our website

Fill out the application on the website and add your contact details. so that we can contact you


Wait for our operator to call

In the near time our operator will contact you to clarify the data and make an appointment.


Meet with our specialist

Our doctors will consult you about all details and prescribe a medical testing


Complete a procedure of donation

Our doctors will make you an appointment and explain how to properly prepare for it


What are the requirements for donor?Arrow down

Russian legislation state an age limits for donors from 18 to 35 years old. If you are this age and you don`t have any medical contra indications so you be a donor. There`s no need to get agreement of your wife/husband (if you have one).

What if I live in another city? Can I be your donor?Arrow down

Yes, you can. You need to complete primary inspection in order to confirm your donation capability.After that there`re 2 options: donation for specific patient in certain days or donation for next cryopreservation (wich you can pass at any time).

How safe is the procedure of donating?Arrow down

This procedure is absolutely safe. It has 2 steps: at the first stage you complete the procedure of health screening (for free) and doctor will order a therapy. Then we will appoint the procedure of donating. Normally the quantity of donating eggs is from 5 to 25, but it can vary depending on constitutional peculiarity. Taking into account the fact that ovary of health woman contain about 400 000 eggs, the procedure is absolutely safe.

How I get a payment? Arrow down

When you sign an agreement with our clinic, you specify your bank account details so we could use it for payment. Amount of payment depends on quantity of donating eggs. You will receive payment in 20 days after donating.

How much time does the procedure of preparation and donating take? Arrow down

The procedure normally takes 2 weeks from the start of the program until the moment of donating. In some cases this period may be extended.

What constraints does donor have in everyday life?Arrow down

The procedure of donating doesn`t impose any constraints in everyday life.
Possible side effects you can discuss with your doctor at the initial consultation.

What if I don`t donate enough eggs? Arrow down

It`s a rare occurrence. Also we have a guaranteed minimum payment for the cases of donating less than 5 eggs.

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